Student Gallery

This page contains links to completed projects which were constructed for the specific purpose of school and for further learning my craft. Many images presented here will be raw, and were completed while I was still learning and are not neccesarily representative of my current level of skill. If you are a prospective employer I ask that you please not judge me on the work presented here but rather on the work presented in the standard Gallery pages.

Each page contains thumbnail images which when clicked on will open full sized images. Most images will be 1024×768 in size, but image sizes will vary. Animations will usually be in Quicktime .mov format.

In projects where I was not solely responsible for all work in the scene/animation, annotations will be included to indicate what content I produced and to give credit to the creators of other content in the scene/animation.

Cartoon Styled Spooky House

Retro-Scifi Spaceship

Speed Modeling: Bloodrayne ™ Sword

Lantern Render
Speed Modeling: Lantern


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