Blog Moved – New Site Now Open

It has finally happened.  The new blog site is now officially open.  Theres a few lingering details to take care of but thats it.  I now declare it open :)

Please from now on use the new website.  This blog here will remain parked and will not be updated anymore.


Speed Modeling – Lantern

Another speed modeling excercise on

This one I only had about 45 minutes to work on unfortunately, but the majority of the lantern got finished.

Lantern Render

Lantern Wires

Speed Modeling – Sword

Did this for a speed modeling excercise on the subdivision modeling site.

The excercise was to model a sword, real or fictional, using sub-d’s in 3 hours or less. I chose to try and model the funky sword from Bloodrayne. Should have done something simpler though :p

I used up all 3 of my hours and while the basics are there, unfortunately theres lots of problem areas. Obviously I still have a lot to learn when it comes to sub-d’s