Blog Moved – New Site Now Open

It has finally happened.  The new blog site is now officially open.  Theres a few lingering details to take care of but thats it.  I now declare it open :)

Please from now on use the new website.  This blog here will remain parked and will not be updated anymore.


Make it big in Games

Ok, so it isn’t directly 3D related but it does have relevance. Game development is a hugely growing industry that employs many a modeler, animator, texture artist, and what not. Jeff Tunnell, an old friend of mine from the days when I ran in the GarageGames circles has somewhat recently started a blog dedicated to sharing information on how to make it big in games.

As with anything Jeff writes, it is well worth a read, a link, and a subscription if you are at all interested in the game development world. You won’t be dissapointed.

Blog Exposure

A friend of mine, Danny Ngan, is a 3D Animator at Amaze Entertainment. He recently posted an entry on his Blog about fxCubed and so its only fair that I return the favor :)

Danny keeps a personal blog which is always quite active and entertaining. Something to check out :)