Blog Moved – New Site Now Open

It has finally happened.  The new blog site is now officially open.  Theres a few lingering details to take care of but thats it.  I now declare it open :)

Please from now on use the new website.  This blog here will remain parked and will not be updated anymore.


First Day of Classes

I just returned from my first day of classes at The DAVE School.  As was to be expected, nothing much went on today.  At first we spent maybe an hour or two doing paperwork and getting to know each other.  There are 15 people in the class, and it was interesting to see just how varied we all are in terms of background and experience, not to mention where we came from.  Roughly half the class had packed up and moved here to central Florida to attend the classes.  Three of which, if I remember correctly, moved here from other countries.  Two from Brazil and one from the UK (There ya go Tom your represented now! ).  All together it seems like a nice group of people and this coming year should be interesting.

After this, we all headed out on a walking tour of Universal's backlot and main park.  Our first class project was for us all to ride the Men in Black ride.  We split into two cars due to our size and Jeff, the school's owner and director, purchased the on game camera pictures from Kodak.  I never got to actually see them though.  I'm sorry to say that despite my totally rocking personal score of 131,000 on the ride, the other car beat us :(  I smell a rematch sometime!

On the way back from MiB we stopped at one of Universals shooting stages.  At least I think that is what Jeff called it? I may have the name slightly off.  Anyway its basiclly like a big hanger with huge white .. god I can't recall the name and now I wish I had a picture.. thing, kinda of like how a chromakey screen would look, only it wrapped around one corner so it covered two walls.  The thing was HUGE.  It was interesting to see the place, even though there wasn't anything really to see :)

Once we got back to class it was some more sit down time while Jeff went over lots of orientatino stuff that was extremely boring (Sorry Jeff no offense! :p) but neccesary, and then we got off about a half hour early.

I was certainly hoping for more, since i'm just so excited to get running with this all, but what we did today was about what I expected.  I was a little dissapointed though that we were unable to purchase out copy of Lightwave 3D today.  I was looking forward to getting it, but apparently they are all out right now and need to order more, so it will be about a week before I can get my hands on it :(

I had planned to take a few pictures here and there of the school (and damn I should have gotten one of that shooting stage!) but I just totally spaced it!  I'll try to remember to snag you all some shots tomorrow.  I spoke with Jeff about this blog and asked about any restrictions on posting and he basically just said to post whatever I wanted so we're golden there :)  It should be a fun and interesting ride so stick around! 

Time for School!

Yep, today's the big day! I'm so excited.  I leave for my first day of classes in about an hour.  I'll write another entry tonight after classes, although I don't expect a whole lot to happen today.  From what I understand it will be lots of paperwork, some orientation, and then a walk around Universal.  I imagine they'll probably stick us in one of the 'tours' that new Universal Employees go through.  Did plenty of those when I worked there, but it will be interesting to do it from a different perspective :)

On the blog front here, I know things have been pretty stale.  This last month i've been more franticly working as many hours as possible while I was getting ready for school, and i've still been working on the new website.  Everytime I think I like it, I come back and decide I don't and start all over :(