Welcome to fxCubed!

Hello, and welcome to fxCubed.

My name is John Vanderbeck, known on most forums as “jwvanderbeck”. 

fxCubed is my new blog dedicated to one single purpose; Providing a visual record of my journey from that of a fresh new student in the world of digital animation and visual effects to that of a professional in the field.

I start classes on April 3rd, 2006 and graduate sometime in March 2007. Throughout that time you will be able to see, visually, the things I work on and how my skills develop and grow. You, the reader, will be able to follow along with me, gain insight as I gain it, learn as I learn, and no doubt struggle as I struggle :)  You get to be the fly on the wall of my life.

Along the way I will not only post images and videos of projects I work on in the field of digital animation and visual effects, but also work to provide insight into the field and what i’m learning.

Once I graduate this blog will continue to serve as a record of my attempts to land my first job, and then continue to grow with me as I mature in the industry.

It is my hope that not only will this serve as a useful networking tool and repository of works for potential employers to view, but that it will also be of benefit to anyone else intersted in learning the world of digital effects and perhaps taking the same journey that I am about to embark on.

PS: Even though my school does not start until April, you will occasionally see stuff posted here before that date. I am currently using the Maya Personal Learning Edition to do some self teaching and get comfortable with the work. I am still extremely raw though so perhaps I should state “Viewer Discretion is Advised”? :)


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